Social Skills Group

Running at community and family resource centres across West Dublin the Social Skills Group has become an invaluable tool in Early Years Settings.
The ASD groups work with children from the area who may have deficits in their social skill set and aim to help them develop in a safe and comfortable environment.
BlueSkies Staff Bios (18) Liz Cronin, Blue Skies Initiative, explained: “The groups are play based and help the children to develop skills such as turn-taking; friendship building; social communication; and expression of feelings in an appropriate way.”
The groups take place in several of the local child and family centres in the West Dublin area with specially trained staff from the Blue Skies Initiative.
In addition to helping children in the group to practice their social skills the programme also assists them in dealing with their feelings and emotions.
Liz said: “There is also a focus on breathing and relaxation exercises as strategies to manage feelings of anxiety and stress. We also focus on helping children to transition from one activity to another. Transitioning is an area which many children on the Autism spectrum find challenging.”


For more information about these groups and for specific location information email or contact Blue Skies Initiative on 01 4568734.