About Oral Language

babyBabies are ready and able to communicate and mimic from birth, singing and rhyming with your baby and young child explores language.

Clare, our Speech and Language Therapist, joined the team in March 2015 and is currently in the process of meeting the staff of early years settings and schools in the catchment area.

Our Goal is to develop a plan to increase knowledge of typical speech and language development and to enrich the oral language environments in local early years setting and schools.  A key factor will be working with parents as the most important people in children’s lives. Clare has already carried out a parent programme to encourage the language development of all children in the Early Start classes of St. Bernadette’s JNS and St. Peter the Apostle JNS. This is based on the ‘Happy Talk’ programme which was run last year.

Clare also provides teacher training, parent information sessions and workshops in Early Years settings and schools. She will also work closely with our Early Years Mentor, Eimear to do this, in order to develop programmes including language enrichment, play and interactions and many more.